The Ruskin Bond Omnibus - Volume III

The Ruskin Bond Omnibus - Volume III

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Author: Ruskin Bond
Editor(s): Ruskin Bond
Publisher: Rupa
Year: 2005
Language: English
Pages: 545
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8129104210


Here’s a treat for Ruskin bond fans-Ruskin bond Omnibus Vol III, This superb volume contains many of Ruskin Bond’s favourite stories from his archives. The stories in this volume are fascinating accounts by numerous writers about their real life encounters. This volume comprises three different anthologies, each with a unique them of its own.

In Great Animal Stories the writers recount their encounters of man’s relationship with the creatures in the wilderness. The hunter turns out to be the hunted at times. But occasionally there are some interesting friendly exchange too.

Travellers’ Tales are true stories of journeys into the unknown filled with travails often resulting in a struggle for survival. The survivors of these incredible journeys recount a plane crash in a desert, a cannibal conclave, a South American uprising, encounters with pirates and many other adventures.

Shikar Stories are true accounts of adventures in the jungles of India. The writers encounter man-eating tigers, musth elephants and other predators in a land filled with wildlife.




The Coming of the Tiger
The Pale One
A Philosopher Stag
The Tiger-Charm
Travels with a Bear Cub
Tippitty, A flying Squirrel
The man-eater of Mundali
Garm-A Hostage
Sandy Beresford’s Tigerhunt
A Terrible Bedfellow
Chased By Bees
In the Jaws of the Alligator
The Tiger in the Tunnel
The Leopard
The Regimental Myna
The Moose And Rusty Jones
Mustela of the Lone Hand
A Warrior from Bhut



A Crash in the Mountains
Escape from Death Valley
Cannibal Gymnastics
An Artist in Bombay and Hyderabad, 1896
At the Grave of John Mildenhall in Agra
>From Mussoorie to Darjeeling
Marooned on a Desert Island
Adventures of a Super-Tramp
An Exotic Figure in Moscow
Reunion in Paris
Beast Tales from Burma
Grandpa fights an Ostrich
A South American Rebellion
>From A Submariner’s Notebook
By Way of Mount Hopeless
Across the Syrian Desert
Ships That Pass In The Night



The Tiger and the Terrier
A Letter from the Jungle
A Further Letter from the Jungle
The Panther and The Shephered
Indian Lions
Some Panthers
An Adventure with a Tigress
The Midnight Visitor
Hunting With a Camera
Drought in the Jungle
Shooting in the Doon
Hunters of Souls
Encounters With Big Game
On the Banks of the Narbada
The Haunts of Isabeline