Sukhmani Saheb - Treasure of Bliss

Sukhmani Saheb - Treasure of Bliss

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Author: Bharat Bhooshan
Publisher: New Age Books
Year: 2005
Language: multilingual
Pages: 85
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8178222582


Sukhmani Saheb is one of the most revered scriptures of the Sikh faith. It was written by the fifth Guru, Shri Guru Arjun Dev Ji, to make accessible Divine wisdom to the common man. Its appeal extends beyond the Sikh community and it is widely read by Hindus. It has also been translated in Urdu by a Muslim Scholar Khwaja Dil Muhammad.

This book presents poetic rendering in English of some of the most poignant verses from the Sukhmani Saheb. It will have special value and significance to those who are looking for an introduction to this Holy Scripture but are constrained either for want of time or because of their inability to understand the language and style of the original text. This will especially benefit the younger generation that seeks to balance modernity with traditional spiritual values. This book is not intended as a substitute to the study of the original Scripture, which has timeless beauty and relevance.

Compiled and translated by poet-journalist Bharat Bhooshan, this book effectively conveys most of the key messages of Sukhmani Saheb in simple and direct language without literary flourishes and embellishments. This book contains the original text and free verse translation of over 200 verses.





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