Breaking Barriers - Stories of Twelve Women

Breaking Barriers - Stories of Twelve Women

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Author: Parvathi Menon
Publisher: LeftWord
Year: 2005
Language: English
Pages: 150
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8187496460


This book is about twelve women who, in the course of their lives, challenged an exploitative status quo, and worked, independently and together, to build a movement for women’s emancipation in India. These are extraordinary stories of extraordinary lives.

The interviews with them for this project were probably the most comprehensive that they had ever given. The richness of biographical and historical detail that each interview yielded dictated the decision to construct each essays around the interview. It was only in respect of those who were too ill to be interviewed that secondary biographical material had to be used to reconstruct their life histories.




Ahilya Rangnekar
Ila Bhattacharya
Kanak Mukherjee
Lakshmi Sahgal
Mallu Swarajyam
Mangaleswari Deb Burma
Manjari Gupta
Moturu Udayam
Pankaj Acharya
Pappa Umanath
Suseela Gopalan
Vimal Ranadive