Encyclopaedia of Indian Cinema    (Set of 2 Vols)

Encyclopaedia of Indian Cinema (Set of 2 Vols)

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Author: Sushil Arora
Publisher: Anmol Publications
Year: 2004
Language: English
Pages: 730
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8126119330


Cyclopaedia of Indian Cinema is methodogically based on primary and secondary sources, the author focuses his findings on many of the unexplored dimensions of Indian cinema at one hand and cine-observer’s views on the other.

A pioneering work, besides a befitting introduction and conclusion, covers details on the history of Indian cinema and its typology, psychological dimension of films, Government’s policies and involvement, audience’s view point, socio-cultural realities that the films reflect, new wave and regional films, impact of films on Indian Society, its expanding horizons in the form of television, video and future potentials. Besides the main body, the appendices covers important information on various aspects in including emphasis on the constituents or elements of Indian cinema in terms of various sub-headings falling under the headings viz. elements of absurdity, sexy scenes, scenes of crime, idealism, pathos, comedy, symbolism and ethnographic elements.

The book excluding introduction and conclusion, covers eleven chapters and ninety three tables. It also includes various photographs as illustrative materials vividly exposing various dimensions of Indian Cinema. The book is of immense value for all those having casual or serious interest in the study of cinema. It is of utmost importance for the social scientists in general and for anthropologists, sociologists, media people, cinema people in particular.