A Critical Exposition of the Popular Jihad

A Critical Exposition of the Popular Jihad

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Author: Moulavi Cheragh Ali
Publisher: Global Media
Year: 2003
Language: English
Pages: 219
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8188869015


The chief objective of the book is to remove the general and erroneous impression from the minds of non-Muslims regarding Jihad that Mohammad waged wars of conquest, extirpation, as well as of proselytizing.

The book proves beyond doubts that neither the wars of Mohammad were offensive, nor did he in any way use force or compulsion in the matter of belief.

All the wars of Mohammad were defensive. He and those who took interest in his cause were severely oppressed at intervals, and were in a short of general persecution at Mecca at the hands of the ungodly and fierce Koreish. Those who were weak and without protection had to leave their city, and twice fly to the Christian land of Abyssinia pursued by the wrathful Koreish, but in Vain.



The persecutions suffered by the early Moslems
The Meccans or the Koreish
The defensive character of the wars of Mohammad
The Jews
The Christians or Romans
The intolerance
The ninth chapter of Sura Barat
The Alleged interception of the Koreish caravans by the Moslems
The alleged assassinations by the command or connivance of Mohammad
The alleged cruelty in executing the prisoners of war
Some miscellaneous objections refuted
The popular Jihad or Crusade

The word Jihad in the Koran does not mean warfare

Slavery and concubinage not allowed by the Koran

Koranic references