Islamic Education - Redefinition of Aims & Methodology

Islamic Education - Redefinition of Aims & Methodology

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Author: Manzoor Ahmed
Publisher: Institute of Objective Studies
Year: 2002
Language: English
Pages: 136
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8185362017


Muslims had their distinct and unique style of doing their sciences and arts, giving them their particular characteristics and contents in keeping with their value system and general world view. In Islam, learning (ILM) is not only a form of worship, it is also connected with other Quranic values like Khilafah (Trusteeship) Istislah and Salah (Public Good), Which guide and control the path of learning, without, in any way, hampering pursuit of knowledge and wisdom.

A failure on the path of the modern-day Muslim academicians to realize the symbiotic nature of this relationship has made their Madarasas an anachronism and their educated elite (from modern universities) removed from the realities of their society and its ethos. The present monograph deals with this problem and suggests ways and means to develop an integrated view of Islamic education.

Mr Manzoor Ahmed has, discussed in brief the three issues of putting moral riders to the study of modern sciences to make their learning in consonance with the Islamic value system, to upgrade the Old Madarasa curriculum in order to bring it at part with modern institutions and to open gates of mainstream educational system in the country, to the Madarasa students. With modern curriculum, about 30, 000 Islamic Madarasas in the country, the greatest voluntary effort in history in the field of educational, could dramatically change the educational landscape of the Indian Muslims. The author’s aim is to start a country wide debate on these issues instead of offering readymade solutions. Mr Ahmed’s book is therefore, an important contribution to the national endeavours for educational uplift, especially of one of the educationally backward sections of our country.


A Perspective on Muslim Education in India

Islamic Education - A Theoretical Framework

Disintegration of the Traditional Islamic Education System

Modern Sciences and Islamic Value System

An Appraisal of Islamic Curriculum in India

Restructuring of Curriculum for Muslim Madaris in India

Higher Curriculum of Deeni Madaris, An Overview

New Education Avenues

Constitutional Rights of the Cultural and Linguistic Minorities

Some Positive Aspects of New Education Policy for Muslims
Appendix I - Appendix VII