Islamic Banking in India - Scopes & Challenges

Islamic Banking in India - Scopes & Challenges

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Author: Javed Ahmad Khan
Editor(s): Javed Ahmad Khan
Publisher: Institute of Objective Studies
Year: 2003
Language: English
Pages: 182
ISBN/UPC (if available): 818522076X


During the last two and half decades, there have emerged a number of Islamic financial institutions around the globe, operating on the ethical and equitable form of profit and loss sharing principles. In India too, such Islamic finance houses are functioning but under various economic and legal constraints.

This book contains selected papers on the diverse issues of Islamic banking and finance in the context of a secular country like India, read at a workshop organized by the Institute of Objective Studies in March 2000 at New Delhi.

Here, India’s leading Muslim economists, bankers and Islamic finance professionals explore the scopes of Islamic finance in India’s liberalized financial market and examine the current equity-based financing I e, mutual funds, venture capital and other related investment products in an Islamic perspective.

The papers in this volume especially focus on the mechanism as well as functioning of Islamic banking system with an objective to prove its viability and stability in an environment dominated by interest-based conventional banking system. Drawing upon the empirical researches, the authors assess the Muslim investor’s perceptions and behaviour on Islamic finance. In the light of existing rules and regulation of the Security and Exchange Board of India, they raise the issues and challenges faced in the development of Islamic financial institutions in India.





The Universal Concern of Islamic Economics and Finance

Some thoughts on Interest-fee Banking-An Indian Perspective

Rationale of Islamic Banking in Indian Perspective

Operational analysis of Financial System and Its Macro-Economic Impact >From Islamic Perspective

Islamic Banking in Indian Context

Islamic Banking in the Context of Changing Conventional Banking System in India

Investment Products for Indian Muslims

Islamic Financial Institutions in India-Economic Policies, Perceptions and Perspective

Obstacles in the Ways of Islamic Banking in India

Islamic Banking and Finance in the Indian Context - A Report

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