Srichandraji Maharaj

Srichandraji Maharaj

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Author: O P Ralhan
Publisher: Anmol Publications
Year: 2004
Language: English
Pages: 408
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8126118288


Baba Srichandraji (or Shri Chand) (1494-1629), the elder son of Guru Nanak was the founder of ascetic sect of Udasis. Baba Srichandraji, who propagated Vedic religion and championed to help save Hindu religion, should be recorded in the annals of Indian history in golden words.

This pioneering effort to record Baba Srichandraji Maharaj’s biography, miracles and preachings, gives a vivid account of contemporary sociopolitical history also.


The Political Conditions (1494-1643 AD)
The religious Conditions
Family Background
Baba Sri Chand-An Early Phase
Meeting with Avinashi Muni and His Initiation
Baba Sri Chand and Mughal Emperor
Mir Ayub Khan of Kashmir and Baba Sri Chand, Sikh Gurus and Baba Sri Chand
Great Departure
Udasin Bhagats
Vani of Baba Sri Chand
Baba Sri Chand Ji (A Chronological Study)
Udasi Sampardai
All India Udasin Parishad
An Appeal to the Followers and Disciples of Bhagwan Shri Sri Chandra Ji Maharaj.