Kabir - The Apostle of Hindu - Muslim Unity

Kabir - The Apostle of Hindu - Muslim Unity

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Author: O P Ralhan
Publisher: Anmol Publications
Year: 2004
Language: English
Pages: 308
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8126118261


Kabir (1398-1518 AD) is revered as a Vaishnavite bhakta by Hindus while the Muslims revere him as a peer, the Sikhs call him a bhagat and the Kabir Panthis worship him as god incarnation. Kabir is considered a champion of Hindu-Muslim unity, a reformer, an opponent of the caste system, and strong supporter of the down-trodden. Indian society at the time of Kabir was full of evils, like blind faith, hypocrisy, caste distinctions and may more.

The present work portrays various facets of saint Kabir, his personality,. Spiritual message, his hymns and works and his yeomanly services to humanity etc.


Kabir Sahib (1398-1518) (As an Avtar of Shuk Deva)
Birth of Kabir Sahib
Controversy of Kabir’s Date of Birth
Kabir’s Place of Birth
Early Life of Kabir
Spiritual Guru of Kabir
Domestic Life of Kabir
Birth of Kamal and Kamali
The Happy Home of Kabir
Kabir and Kamal as Robbers
Banaras Traditions and Kabir
Atrocities of Sikandar Lodhi on Kabir
Death of Kabir Sahib
Kabir Panth
Teaching of Kabir Sahib
Kabir and Guru Nanak
Works of Kabir Sahib
Kabir Hymns