Sant Namdeva - The Facts of His Religious Ideology

Sant Namdeva - The Facts of His Religious Ideology

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Author: O P Ralhan
Publisher: Anmol Publications
Year: 2004
Language: English
Pages: 244
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8126118296


Sant Namdeva (1270 AD-1350 AD) was one of the most outstanding saints from Maharashtra. He devoted his life for the emancipation of the downtrodden and stood for high ideals of universal brotherhood in the true tradition of Hindu thoughts. He was a saint poet who in his teachings placed a special emphasis upon the purity of heart, humility, self-surrenders, forgiveness and the love of God.

Besides biography of Namdeva, this book portrays a vivid description of his noble deeds, poetical works, and contemporary social history.


Brief History of Slave Dynasty and Personality of Balban
The Khalji Dynasty
Measures against the Hindus (during Ala-Ud-Din Khalji)
Treatment of Hindus
Tughlaq Dynasty
Muhammad bin Tughluq
List of the Sultans of Delhi
The Political Situation (1270 AD - 1350 AD)
Birth of Namadeva
Sant Gyaneshwar (1275 AD -1296 AD)
Journey to Religious Places
Namadeva in the Punjab (1325 AD)
Contemporary saints of Namadevaji Maharaj
Principal disciplines of Namadeva
Ekadashi Vrat and Namadevaji
Workari Sampardaya
Was Namadeva a Robber? Joti Jot Samai
Vani of Sant Shiromani Namadevaji Maharaj