The Secular Emperor Babar

The Secular Emperor Babar

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Author: Surinder Kaur
Sher Singh/
Publisher: Genuine
Year: 1991
Language: English
Pages: 117
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8185220077


Some frauds have been scientifically exposed in this research paper.

The original epigraphic evidence now available from the British Library London, compels us to doubt even the construction of this Masjid by Babur. That Babur demolished Janmasthan temple to build this Masjid, in 935 H (1528 A D) was alleged on the basis of three Persian words Buvad Khair Bagi. Now it is established by the original Persian Inscriptions recorded by Dr Francis Buchanan 1813 -14 A D that these three words have been forged from the original three words, Buvad Khabar Bagi i e 927 H. the date given in another inscription is 872 H (1467-1468 A D). Repeat a lie hundred times, it becomes a gospel truth, is the famous saying of Hitler. In India, the baseless allegation that Babur demolished Janmasthan temple, to build Baburi Masjid, Ayodhya, has been repeated crores of times. Hence it is presumed that this allegation has become a sacred truth.

But nobody wanted to know the million dollar question-who built Janmasthan temple and when, where is the proof of its building? Some Panda historians like Hans Baker Lala Sita Ram, P Carnegy, H R Nevill, Dr Sri Ram Sharma have tried to prove the construction of imaginary Janmasthan temple by twisting, distorting, misinterpretation and by sheer bluffing.


Best wishes from Sh Rajiv Gandhi

Comments by Prof S Z Qasim, Vice-Chancellor Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi


History of Ayodhya by Hans Baker-A Critique
The Secular Emperor Babar-A Victim of Indian Partition
Jaundiced History of Ayodhya by Carnegy
Senile History of Ayodhya
Concoction of Myth around Baburi Masjid
Rawti Pillars Used in Baburi Masjid
Guest Called Invader
Bheel Gods Called Idols of Ram
Baburi Masjid site unfit for temple construction
Baburi Masjid built outside the Boundary Wall of Ayodhya
Protection against Erosion called Parikarma
Solid Kankar called broken Image of boar
Myth of Sandal Wood Beam
Use of Sandal Wood Beam
Hearsay History of Ayodhya by Nevill
Jaini Slab Mistaken for Janmasthan Pillar
What did Babar Die of?


Sher Singh’s letter dated 21 Aug, 1990 to Sh S S Ray, BMMCC Advocate in this case

S Kaur’s letter dated 17 may 1990 to Sh Ashok Singhal, Gen Secy, VHP