Babri Masjid - A Tale Untold

Babri Masjid - A Tale Untold

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Author: Mohammad Jamil Akhtar
Publisher: Genuine
Year: 1997
Language: English
Pages: 435
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8185220484


In the midst of the passions aroused by Babri Masjid before and after its tragic demolition by a frenzied mob, systematically and calculatedly collected under the treacherously planned protection of the state, a cool and well-documented history of subject is both surprising and sobering. This is what Jamil Akhter’s book Babri Masjid-a Tale Untold achieves.

This book is unique in the sense that it combines the author’s keen concern at the weakening of the secular intervention on the national issues and the academic documentation of the course the Babri Masjid-Ramjanambhoomi dispute has been taking.

This book, like the Hindi edition centres round discussing the role of the four pillars of Democracy-the legislature, the judiciary, the executive and the media in the Babri Masjid controversy, and analyzing how far they have been fair towards it, as the way these institutions have acted during the past years gives rise to many questions. And, I firmly believe that all the secular-minded people would agree with the points raised in this book. The reactions of the readers to the Hindi version of my book have strengthened my point further.


The book, though not free form bitterness and sentimentality, has brought to light some facts related to the Barbri Masjid which were so far unknown even to intellectuals.
-Dainik Hindustan April 27, 1997

Jamil Akhter has brought out starting facts which expose the communal character of centrist parties.
-Rashtriya Sahara

The book is invaluable form many points of view.
-National News Features Network

The book, which is an indepth study of the contentious issue of Babri Masjid-Ram Janmbhoomi has raised some basic and pinching questions.
-Mr Chitranjan Singh, Vice-President, People’s Union for Civil Liberties

This book is a valuable document for social scientists.
-Dr M S Ashraf, Professor in Giri Institute of Development Studies, Lucknow

Jamil Akhter’s book voices the feelings of all those who were pained to see the country’s moral, democratic and constitutional values being trampled ruthlessly.
-Popular Urdu Daily Quami Awaz



Uttar Pradesh at a glance
Ayodhya-A Factsheet
Deputy Commissioner’s Conspiracy
Idols were surreptitiously, wrongly planted-govt
Yes, I got it locked
The roots of Ayodhya Tangle
The history of Ayodhya Litigation
There was a Judge named Pt Hari Kishan
Civil Judge had erred-High Court
And, Heavens did fall
Historian’s report t the Indian Nation
Language in the age of Hindutva
Dispute over shilanayas
Illegal Temple-No Problem
Issues before the Court-a Daunting Task
Court cases-Varying stands of U P govt.
Idols juristic personality in question-court
Extracts from important U P govt affidavits
Criminal negligence by officers
Did the Press behave
Face-to-face talks
Justice Tilhari’s error
VHP questionnaire, reply and list of documents
Temple movement-what a leadership
VHP’s article of non-faith
Return of Ayodhya reference to the President
Babri Masjid and Muslim Personal Law Board
Mosque is mosque-Shia Conference
Mosque’s legal status in India
Mosque-no immunity from acquisition
Government of U P - BJP period
Build-up for demolition to abide by Sangh dictum
Babri Masjid and Muslims
Ayodhya demolition-bloody aftermath
Notification for Judicial inquiry
India in the dock
Ayodhya imbroglio-a Disaster to Economy
Nation’s soul seared
India on the crossroads
Ban on RSS lifted-a govt connivance
Court’s denial-delay of verdict caused demolition
Chief Minister-punished for contempt
The goodness couldn’t last forever
Government only a statutory Receiver-Apex Court
Court declines to reject Muslims only suit
Report of Faizabad Waqf Commissioner
Constitutional provisions
CBI Chargesheet
Who’s who
Ayodhya-question mew and old
Babar and Akbar-The process of Indianization
Ayodhya as myth
Emperor Babar’s Will
Significance of Ayodhya
The Political abuse of history
For recalling order
No temple demolition, preserve the deity
Editorials on framing of charges
Important Documents
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