Nine on Nine

Nine on Nine

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Author: Nandita C Puri
Publisher: Rupa
Year: 2005
Language: English
Pages: 212
ISBN/UPC (if available): 812910668X


An arranged marriage falls tragically short of expectations. In a beauty parlour, friendly gossip unearths uncomfortable truths. In pre-independent India, a young widow fights to succeed in a profession that is an exclusive male preserve. And an ageing music teacher refuses to let poverty snuff out her dreams.

Underlying Nandita C Puri’s tongue-in-cheek humour and buoyant tone, is a rare perception of human nature. Her protagonists are women with minds of their own, driven by motives that are at times comprehensible, and at others, baffling-as full of surprises as life itself.


Nandita C Puri writes with an assurance that perfectly compliments her storytelling skills. She displays a fine ear for dialogue and is spot-on when capturing the verbal nuances of different communities. Definitely a good read.

Engrossing, authentic, well-worded. All the stories in Nandita C Puri’s collection hold the reader’s attention because they ring true and are well-crafted. She covers a wide range of subjects and whatever she writes is a joy to read.




An Arranged Marriage
At Jenny’s
Pages from Indulata Debi’s diary
Remembering Little Dee
Radha’s Journey
The Piano Teacher