The Garrison State - The Military, Government and Society in Colonial Punjab, 1849-1947

The Garrison State - The Military, Government and Society in Colonial Punjab, 1849-1947

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Author: Tan Tai Yong
Publisher: Sage Publications
Year: 2005
Language: English
Pages: 332
ISBN/UPC (if available): 0761933360


Following the Mutiny of 1857, various factors impelled the British to turn to the province of Punjab in north-western India as the principal recruiting ground for the Indian Army. This book examines the processes by which the politics and political economy of colonial Punjab was militarised by the province’s position as the `sword arm` of the Raj.

The militarisation of the administration in the Punjab was characterised by a conjunction of the military, civil and political authorities. This led to the emergence of a uniquely civil-military regime, a phenomenon that was not replicated anywhere else in British India, indeed in the Empire. Analysing these events, this book:

Studies the manner in which the Punjab became the main recruiting ground for the Indian Army

Looks at how certain districts were selected for military recruitment, and the factors motivating the `military classes` among the Punjabis to join the Army

Discusses the effects of the First World War on the recruitment process in the Punjab

Highlights the role the civil-military regime played in the politics of the Punjab, its survival after the Second World War and the manner in which it handled the demand for Pakistan and the subsequent partitioning of the province.





A Return to Arms: Colonial Punjab and the Indian Army
Recruiting in the Punjab: Martial Races and the Military Districts
Garrison Province at Work: Punjab and the First World War
Maintaining the Military Districts: Civil-Military Integration and District Soldiers’Boards
Managing the Martials: Control and Concessions
Securing the Reins of Power: Politics and Punjab’s Rural-Military Elites
The Garrison State Cracks: Punjab and the Second World War