The Politics of Economic Reforms in India

The Politics of Economic Reforms in India

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Author: Jos Mooij
Editor(s): Jos Mooij
Publisher: Sage Publications
Year: 2005
Language: English
Pages: 364
ISBN/UPC (if available): 0761933433


The economic reforms that were initiated in India in the early nineties, are the subject of intense debate. Much of this debate centres around the scope of the reforms, their progress and their impact on growth, poverty reduction and sectoral development. In contrast, this volume focuses on the various political dimensions of the Indian economic reform process. The contributors emphasize the political shaping of the reforms, the politics of implementation, and the impact of reforms on political structures and processes.

Two major themes run through the book: the relationship between policy reforms and democratic politics; and the impact of reforms on the quality of governance. Bringing together both theoretical contributions and case studies pertaining to particular states or sectors, this volume provides insights into various important questions including:

How was a radical shift in policy possible in a democracy, where the opposition can easily mobilize resistance?

How can reforms be sustained in a context where the majority of the voters are poor and attracted by handouts, and where political parties are accustomed to attracting voters through populist policies?

Do the reforms contribute to more efficient and inclusive administrative and political governance, or do they lead to new forms of corruption, bureaucratic mismanagement and/or undemocratic politics?



The Rhetoric of Disagreement in Reform Debates ACHIN CHAKRABORTY

II REFORMS AND ELECTORAL DEMOCRACY: Economic Reforms and Changes in the Party System PRAKASH SARANGI

Populism and Economic Reforms: The BJP Experiment in Uttar Pradesh SUDHA PAI

The Dilemma of Democracy: Economic Reforms and Electoral Politics in Andhra Pradesh K C SURI

III REFORMS, GOVERNANCE AND THE STATE: Reforms and the Indian Administrative Service S K DAS

Economic Reforms, the Power Sector and Corruption SUDHA MAHALINGAM

State versus Public Sector Profitability: Andhra Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation C RAMACHANDRAIAH and ARUN KUMAR PATNAIK

Labour and Economic Reforms: Disjointed Critiques SUPRIYA ROYCHOWDHURY

>From Stealth to Aggression: Economic Reforms and Communal Politics in Gujarat DARSHINI MAHADEVIA

Regional Inequalities in India: Pre- and Post-Reform Trends and Challenges for Policy AMARESH BAGCHI and JOHN KURIAN