Gayatri         (Colour Illustrations)

Gayatri (Colour Illustrations)

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Author: Mahendra Mittal
Igen B/
Translator(s): Igen B
Publisher: Manoj Publications
Year: 2005
Language: English
Pages: 48
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788181334237


Gayatri - The Glory of the Goddess of the Spiritual Knowledge.

Gayatri has been considered as the Mother of Vedas, the ultimate wisdom. Without her worship the true knowledge does not take root. Know About the Mystery and the Glory of Gayatri.


Gayatri-24 Word Seeds
The Secret of Gayatri
Shiva Reveals Gayatri Secrets
The Secret of Five Faces
The Ten Arms of Gayatri
Gayatri-The Wish Granter
Hayatri meditation-Pleasure Infinite
Bhrigu’s Penance-Gayatri’s Grain Cell Face
Life Cell Face of Gayatri
Mind and Knowledge Cells
Gayatri’s Fifth Face-Pleasure Cell
Inspiration of Graytri-Vishwamitra
The Curse of Savitri
Gayatri is Nectar
Who Got the Nectar?
Gayatri-The Fire Mouth
Gayatri And Satyavrata
Pay the Asking Price
Laxmi Deserts
Charity Departs
Yajna Leaves
Glory and Fame Go
The King and Truth
Deserters Come Back
Dharmaraja and the King
Gayatri Devotee Savitri
Gayatri Devotee Ansuya Shandili and Mandavya
Ansuya Prayed
The Dead Kaushik and Ansuya
Gayatri and violent Beasts
Gayatri Water and Onkar Joshi
Gayatri For Illiterate
Four Tins of Ghee
Gayatri Yajna and Dried Trees
Dying child and Gayatri
Gayatri Blesses Son
Gayatri and the treasure Pot
Daughter Married Cheaply
Encounter With Ghost
Gayatri and Bad Company
Evil Woman and Daughter-in-Law
Gayatri the Medicine