Bhakt Prahlada      (Colour Illustrations)

Bhakt Prahlada (Colour Illustrations)

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Author: Kaka Hariom
Igen B/
Translator(s): Igen B
Publisher: Manoj Publications
Year: 2005
Language: English
Pages: 48
ISBN/UPC (if available): N/A


Bhakt Prahlada-The Divine Saga of a Vishnu Devotee Boy who didn’t yield to the Atrocities of his Father.


Hiranyakshipu’s Penance
Boons to Hiranyakshipu
Indra Abducts Demon queen
Indra Stalled
Prahalada is Born
Narada’s Sermon
Vishnu Devotee Prahalada
Hiranyakshipu Torments
Search For Vishnu
Gods Pray to Vishnu
Education of Prahalada
Story of Hiranyaksha
Guru Unhappy With Prahalada
Death Penalty to Prahalada
One More Chance
Demon Kids Impressed
Mother Defied
Demon’s Defeat
Rogue Elephant Bows
Man-Eaters Turn Dust-Biters
The Queen Pleads
Ego-Bag Hiranyakshipu
Venom is Harmless
Divine Light
Natural Service
Demon King Seeks Holika
Holika is Consumed
Demoralised Hiranyakshipu
Terror Let Loose
Narsimha Incarnation
Hiranyakshipu Grabbed
The End of the Demon
Prahalada Prays
Narsimha Apologizes
Prahalada Blessed
Coronation of Prahalada