The Great Revolutionaries of India   (Colour Illustrations)

The Great Revolutionaries of India (Colour Illustrations)

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Author: Igen B
Compilor: Igen B
Publisher: Manoj Publications
Year: 2005
Language: English
Pages: 144
ISBN/UPC (if available): 818133793X


No one wants slavery. That is why Freedom is our birthright slogan was raised when the British were trying to prove that the only thing that Indians deserved was foreign rule to guide their destiny.

This freedom struggle got divided into two camps. One camp was following the principle of non-violence while the other was advocating the use of force and militancy. The latter camp wanted to pay the British in their own coin. But it was frought with dangers. The death was the price. In other words it was success or hangman’s noose or bullet.

Bhagat Singh could have escaped if he had so wished. But he didn’t. He opted to explode bombs to make the deaf ears hear and got arrested. Chandrashekhar Azad preferred to lay down his life fighting the enemy. The revolutionary movement disintegrated. Subhash Bose went to Japan to carry on the battle of the independence and raised Azad Hind Fauz that declared war against the British.

At last the British had to leave India as a result of all the combined efforts for freedom. Remember that we have paid a big price for our freedom.


THE LEGEND OF BHAGAT SINGH-To make the deaf ears hear he threw bombs in the Assembly and chose to become a martyr to arouse the conscience of the youngmen. The brave son of India who embraced death to keep alive the spirit of the freedom movement against British tyranny.

The Birth
Bhagat Singh’s Uncles
The Sorrowing Aunts
Harvest of Guns
Sarabha Influence
The Sacred Soil
Non-Cooperation Movement
The National College
Angry Father
Marriage Pressure
In Kanpur
Encounter with Police
Headmaster Bhagat
Back to the Family
Akali Movement
The Arrest
Dairyman Bhagat
Revolutionaries Convention
Lala Lajpat Rai Dies
The Revenge
National Hero
The Escape
Bomb Factories
Public Safety
Industrial Disputes Bill
Bills Introduced - Bombs Explode
Trials and Verdicts
The Martyrdom

NETAJI SUBHASH CHANDRA BOSE-He was the commander-in-chief of the army raised for the independence of India who dared to meet the British in the battle field. Give me your blood, I will give you freedom, he said to his enslaved countrymen.

Early Years
The College
Elections and Arrest
In Foreign Lands
World War II
Japan Chapter
The Battle

CHANDRASHEKHAR AZAD-He was the Pimpernel of India’s freedom struggle who always eluded the British and became the scourge of the colonial rulers.

The Arrival
Tigerish Show
Tutor caned
Benaras Years
The Lashing
On Revolutionary Path
Robbery Fiascoes
Pie in the sky
Chandni Chowk Heist
Kakori Train Robbery
P A to the Governor’ Drama
Police closes in
Grand convention
Time-Bomb For Irvin
Simon Commission and Aftermath
Assembly Bombing
The Betrayals
The Last Battle