Inspiring Moral Stories     (Colour Illustrations)

Inspiring Moral Stories (Colour Illustrations)

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Author: Kunwar Anil Kumar
Compilor: Kunwar Anil Kumar
Publisher: Manoj Publications
Year: 2005
Language: English
Pages: 120
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8181337891


Morality regulates the person and the society properly. It injects values in life and enriches it. The seeds of the moral values are sown in the childhood. That is the reason perhaps that all the societies have rich treasures of the stories for children in literary or oral folklore form. In whatever form, the purpose of the stories invariably is to inculcate moral values in the characters of the listeners or readers.

This book presents a prize collection of moral stories that parents and grandparents have been using to thrill and charm the children for centuries. These stories were bred and nurtured by different cultures. The common message of the stories is that only a good character winds success in life. The stories include the ones narrated by Buddha to his disciples related to his previous lives. Although the stores basically are meant for the children yet the people of all age groups enjoy and learn from them. The coloured illustrations and simple narrative add to the joy of reading.

The hunters chased the fox. To save her life she sneaked into the house of a wood cutter and hid under a cot. The wood cutter had seen the fox.

A little while later the hunters arrived there. The asked the wood cutter about the fox. He denied having seen any fox but at the same time he gave them hint through eye signal about here the fox lay hiding. The hunters failed to decipher the signal and went away. The fox came out of the hiding and began to depart from there. The wood cutter remarked to her, You should thank me atleast.

The fox stopped and turned back to say, What for should I thank you? For denying my presence here or for giving them a hint about where I was hiding? The woodcutter had no answer. Such is the fate of the double faced persons.



Real Disciple
Honoured by a ram
Deciding the Share
Three Cunning Brothers
Natural Balance
Tit For Tat
Bad Deeds Sad End


The Snakes and the Frogs
The Kick of the Horse
The Stars are not forever
The Lion’s Breath
The Fox’s Generosity
The Crows’ Challenge
A Lion in Love
The Faults of Others
The Camel’s relatives and friends
Foolish Catherine
The Old woman and the doctor
The Sun and the Wind
Two Friends and a Bear
The hard test for a delicate princess
The Wolf in the clothing of a Wolf-dog
The Fisherman and the dancing fish
The Hungry Fox and the grapes
The Roaring Donkey
An Owl’s partnership with a Seagull
A Mosquito’s arrival and departure
The Hen and the silver eggs
A Nightingale in a cage
How to choose a Girl?
The First lesson of a mouse
The Witch and the children
The Cat and the chickens
The Lion’s Sickness
The Creations of deserts
Who is better-the Rose or the amaranth?
The Gnomes who played a joke
Ranu the fox and eels
The Farmers and his ass
The Dog, the cockerel and the fox
The Sole and the herring
The Song of a crow
The Son of a pot
The Beating of a wolf
The Marriage of a hare


The Poppy’s Riddle
The Battle Between Weasels and Mice
A tiny Grasshopper’s advice to a Donkey
Electra and her suitors
The reward of the Wolf
The Flight of a Stag
A Hare’s satisfaction
We Should not criticize nature
The Potter’s truth
The trap of the Fox
The Wise Cat and The Wiser Mouse
The Athlete who jumped too high
The Lion and his business partners
A Father’s Dilemma
The Arab and The Beggar
Midas Touch
A Dog’s advice to the Donkey
The old Wolf and the skinny Dog
The Riddle of the sphinx
Thanks for what?
We should not cheat others
King Metabo and his Javelin
Madonna and the flower
The Sun, the Moon and the Sea
The Cockerel’s Cock-a-Doodle-doo
People Take advantage of Other’s fight
The high flying crane and the peacock
A Frog’s Effort
The Long and the Short of a dinner
Revenge of a Nightingale
The Old Wolf and the bold Goat
The Hunter and the Bear