Bharat Mein Jesus (HINDI)

Bharat Mein Jesus (HINDI)

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Author: Haulgar Karsatna
Santosh Agrawal/
Publisher: Agradeep
Year: 2002
Language: Hindi
Pages: 181
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8190140507


The book Bharat Mein Jesus is Hindi version of German author Holger Kersten’s book Jesus lived in India, which has already been translated is more than thirty languages. After five years of intensive research. The following transactional conclusions were recorded:-

The three wise men from India found two years old Jesus as a high incarnation. They influenced high spiritual and intellectual development.

This is surprisingly based on the historical evidence that around the age of thirteen Jesus moved towards India through Silk Road and travelled the Next Himalayas to Tibet where he studied ancient manuscripts and Buddhism. He was influenced by if and that of Lord Krishna too. He firmly believed that a man can reform his life style through his own pious deeds. This very thinking undoubtedly confirmed that Jesus believed in the Theory of Karma.

Another factor which astonished he scholars is that erucifixation marked the end of his mission as a Messiah, but, infact he survived, scientific analysis of the Shroud of Turin proves that Jesus survived the erucifixation. He only appeared to be deed.

After the resurrection Jesus lived at first is the Near East and later returned to India where he not only studied but preached too. From his view point all the human beings are equal.

In 1973, a report appeared is a Major German weekly about a professor who claimed to have found a tomb of Jesus Christ. The Professor has claimed publicly that Jesus hot only spent his youth in India, but, after surviving erucifixation returned to India where he lived as a teacher until his death at an old age and was buried in Shrinagar. All these facts are enriched by the photographs also.

The whole book is thought provoking and budding into mental turmoil. Myself (Dr Kumar) Santosh Aggarwall, as an author was so much inspired that I could not control but translated the book in Hindi so that it can reach the masses. The archbishop of Delhi and Fathers teaching at Vidya Jyoti College in Delhi are also wonderstruck at the challenging facts depicted in the said book. Of Course, if demands further research.