Missiology For The 21st Century - South Asian Perspectives

Missiology For The 21st Century - South Asian Perspectives

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Author: Roger E Hedlund
Paul Joshua Bhakiaraj/
Editor(s): Roger E Hedlund / Paul Joshua Bhakiaraj
Publisher: ISPCK
Year: 2004
Language: English
Pages: 675
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8172148348


Missiology for the 21st Century is a collection of essays that seeks to clarify that awesome responsibility of proclaiming the gospel in the 21st century. It endeavours to provide an indepth discussion on aspects of the rationale for, the history of and context surrounding contemporary mission.

These essays are written by both scholars and practitioners of mission. Thus they are able to talk of theory as well as practice. They are able to discuss ideas as well as ground reality. As a result you have before you a valuable tool that will not only facilitate rigorous thought and discussion but will also encourage sustained and responsible action.


The mission on which Jesus Christ calls and sends us remain ever actual. The situation of the 21st century, with the opposing forces of globalization and quest for identity, makes it a real challenges. This collection of essays that help clarify ideas, refocus goals, analyse challenges and provide perspectives with reference to south Asia is a welcome boon to practitioners and students of mission. I am sure that it will make post-graduate students alive to current problems and enable them to reflect on them and discuss them in theological, historical and pastoral contexts.
-Michael Amaladoss, S J, Arul Kadal, Jesuit Theologate, Channai

Missiology for the 21st Century is a compilation of carefully selected essays on key issues relating to mission as the whole Church taking the whole gospel to the whole world. Authors are scholars from India, Nepal, Sri Lanka and from around the world. If one seeks to have a comprehensive overview of the mission of the Church by reading just one book, this is the one to read. It is an indispensable work not only for theological students but also for Christian leaders and informed laity committed to Christ’s mission in today’s world.
-Saphir Athyal, World Vision International & former Principal, Union Biblical Seminary, Pune





INTRODUCTION: Evangelisation, Contextual Apologetics and Research


Incomparability of Yahweh in the Hebrew Bible
The Confessional Community of Isaiah 56-66
Jubilee and Mission
The Patriarchs and Religious Pluralism: an Old Testament Perspective
The Place of Mission in New Testament theology
The Early Church in Mission


The Future of Mission and Mission of the Future
Theological trends in Mission in the Twentieth Century
Toward a Normative Christology for Asia
Emerging Catholic Missions and Missiologies in India
Contemporary Promises and Challenges in Global Christianity

The History of Christianity in India
Church-Mission Dynamics in Northeast India
Mission as Transformation Among Subaltern and Dalit Communities
Mission, Inter-cultural Encounter and Change in Western India
Holy Spirit Led Mission in North India
Nationalism and Christianity in south Travancore
Sri Lankan Mission History


Religious Pluralism and theological Issues that Impinge on Misssiology

A Christian Supplement to the Buddhist search
Muslim-Christian Relations in the Context of Mawdudi’s Islamism
The Christian Response to Hinduism
Inter-religious Dialogue

Culture, Nation and Conversion Issues in Mission today
Indigenous Christianity
Christianity as Social Transformation in North East India
Missiology for 21st Century Tribal India
Religious Freedom in Nepal Then and Now
Modern People Movements: A Jharkhand Case Study

Apologetics in a Hindu Context

Spiritual Warfare and Worldview
The church’s Role in Nation Building
Toward a theology of Urban Mission in India
Toward a Missionary Engagement with Science and Technology
Bible Translation as Communication


Understanding religious Conversion
Human Rights and religious Freedom in South Asia Today
Let There Be Life: theological foundations for Creation Keeping
Women and Gender Issues in Christian Missions in India

An Alternate Reading of Poverty
Religious Nationalism in South Asia

Conclusion: Recasting Mission and Missiology

Select Bibliography