Social Life in Medieval Karnataka

Social Life in Medieval Karnataka

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Author: Jyotsna Kamat
Publisher: Abhinav Publications
Language: English
Pages: 163
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8170171148


Here’s an authentic, well-documented account of the cultural life of royalty and people of medieval Karnataka during the four centuries from 1000 AD to 1400 AD. The book projects a faithful picture of the social history of the period in a simple, direct style and covers the nineteen districts that once comprised the Karnataka empire.

This interesting study is illustrated by the sculptural wealth of the period, mainly drawn from Chalukyan and Hoysala monuments. There are over 40 illustrations. The subjects covered include the people’s food, drink, bath, make-up, hair styles, dress, hoods and umbrellas, ornaments, physical culture, wrestling bouts and sword duels, cock fights and quail fights, hunting, pleasure and leisure, entertainment, music, dancing, women’s accomplishments and punishments to wrong-doers.

A book that lovers of our past heritage, students of history and culture and lay readers will cherish and treasure as a guide to glory that was Karnataka. The author gathered material for social life in Medieval Karnataka while doing work for her thesis for a doctorate at the Karnataka University, Dharwar, which awarded her the degree of PhD in 1972.

This book bears eloquent testimony to her indefatigable labours in drawing upon a large number of sources including inscriptions, literary works in English, Sanskrit, Prakrit and Kannada as also many books and journals.


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Food and Drinks

Vanity Fair

Leisure and Pleasure

Status of Women

A brief note on manasollasa