Folk Icons and Rituals in Tribal Life

Folk Icons and Rituals in Tribal Life

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Author: Pramod Kumar
Publisher: Abhinav Publications
Year: 0000
Language: English
Pages: 98
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8170171857


The Bagar region comprises the districts of Banswara and Dungarpur and the southern part of Mewar in Rajasthan. This region is mainly inhabited by the Mina tribe, whose indigenous culture is gradually dissolving under the impact of modernisation.

But still, despite the process of acculturation, the tribe retains its age-old beliefs and customs. Propitiating supernatural powers, in the shape of snakes, ancestors, gods and mother goddesses hewn out of stone, plays a vital role in tribal ritual. Set, carefully observed ritual accompanies the purchase, installation and worship of icons as Dr Pramod Kumar explains in detail in this fascinating and very informative study.

The stone carvings are executed by Sompura Brahmins and a few Mina tribals. Among the centres of this activity are the townships of Kesariyaji, Dungarpur, Sogwada, Talwada, Gopinath-ka-Ghada and Partapur. In the performance of the social and religious ritual of the Minas the pivotal figure is the bhopa, the highly respected and revered priest. Possessed by a spirit, the bhopa hands down instructions to supplicants for the solution of everyday problems.

Witchcraft has a prominent place in the cultural traditions of the Minas, and the ritual for exorcising evil spirits with the aid of stone icons is elaborate and intricate. All these and many other aspects of tribal culture are described in this absorbing monograph.





Mina tribals
Sompura sculptors
Mina sculptors of partapur and gopinath-ka-ghada
Buying icons
Gatodji Bawaji and Kallaji Bawaji
Installation of the image of Khakhaldev at Barolia
Shrine of gatodji at Bhudar village
Shrine of bheruji at Bedas village
Mother goddess
Tribal rituals
Pilgrimage by mina tribals
Betrothal and marriage among mina tribes
Dresses and ornaments of mina tribes