An Introduction to Homicide in India: Ancient And Early Medieval Period

An Introduction to Homicide in India: Ancient And Early Medieval Period

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Author: Upendra Thakur
Publisher: Abhinav Publications
Year: 0000
Language: English
Pages: 126
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8170170745


The study of crime in ancient India is not a matter of antiquarian interest only. This study may be found to be profitable by the society because of its having a certain amount of bearing on the problem of combating the growing criminality of our present day society. It may have some lessons or at least some hints, to give on its solution. In fact, there is no human phenomenon which is more baffling than homicide and suicide. It has always puzzled and intrigued the thinking man to this day there is not a single undivided opinion on these aspects of crime. Although homicide has been universally condemned all through the ages by our ancient seers and philosophers it has continued unabated and so also its implications on the society.

Crime, according to modern legal definition, is an act forbidden by law under pain of punishment. But, it is the firm and abiding conviction of the writers of Dharmasastra of all climes and ages that it is beyond the cognitive faculties of human beings, individually or collectively, to know the why of rightfulness or wrongfulness of any human action.

The present illuminating study is the first of its kind to focus attention on this unusual subject which forms the topic of its study and tackles it from every conceivable angle. In it origins of homicide have been traced in history; its various manifestations in different religions and societies have been discussed in detail; its modes, past and present, have been outlined and enumerated; views for and against have been presented and, above all, the need for positive action in planning and executing measures to curb this obnoxious evil has been emphasised.



Transliteration table



Human sacrifice

Brahmanicide and other forms of murder

Punishment and expiation

Conclusions and assumptions