British Colonial Policy in Burma

British Colonial Policy in Burma

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Author: Aparna Mukherjee
Publisher: Abhinav Publications
Year: 0000
Language: English
Pages: 567
ISBN/UPC (if available): 817017225X


This book is a revealing study of British colonial policy in an important region of South-East Asia, viz Burma. The period covered is 1840-1886. British territorial expansion and vigorous commercial thrust in Burma began with the two treaties concluded in 1826 at the end of the First Burmese War. As a result of commercial disputes and diplomatic wrang-lings the British Residency in Burma was withdrawn in 1840.

The story is taken up at this point, and the political-cum-commercial ramifications of British policy are carefully analysed on the basis of unpublished primary sources. The Second Burmese War, the annexation of Pegu, the Phayre Mission, the re-establishment of the residency, the commercial treaties of 1862 and 1867, and the circumstances leading to the fall of Thibaw are studied in great detail. Subjects such as British penetration into the Karen region and unsuccessful British attempts to open a trade route to the Chinese province of Yunnan through Upper Burma have been treated here for the first time.

The efforts of the Burmese Kings to open political and commercial relations, with European Powers, particularly France, and her policy of extending her control from her base in Indo-China, provide an interesting glimpse into Franco-British rivalry in South- East Asia. No previous historical work attached due importance to this aspect of British intrusion into Burma.



Burma in Mid - Nineteenth Century
War Scare of The Forties
Commercial Disputes
The Second Anglo-Burmese War
Annexation without treaty
The Phayre Mission
The Treaty of 1862
The Treay of 1867
Karenne: The Forsyth Mission
Trade with Yunnan
King Mindon: Foreign Policy
Thibaw: Withdrawal of Residency
Thibaw: Negotiations for Treaties
Thibaw and The French
Fall of Thibaw
Annexation and Pacification