Veerabrahmam -  India’s Nostradamus Saint

Veerabrahmam - India’s Nostradamus Saint

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Author: R N Pillai
Publisher: Abhinav Publications
Year: 1991
Language: English
Pages: 129
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8170172799


Four hundred years ago he foretold the British conquest of India, birth of Gandhi, national liberation, partition and republican form of Government in India. His predictions include invention of electricity, radio, railways and cinematography among many other things. What will happen to caste and religion in our country? When will the Ganges disappear? What will doomsday be like when it comes? Who is the yogi that will one-day rule India?

Uncanny prophecies lying hidden in palmleaf texts preserved by the yogi’s descendants in the ancient mutt brought to light in a daring and authentic exposition as part of the philosophy of one of the great seers of India.

True to scriptural prophecy, godmen have arrived among Indians whenever Dharma took a back seat. In our own crassly materialistic age, Sri Satya Sai Baba has immeasurably helped in the recovery of faith even on a global scale.

Birth, decay and health are inherent in all phenomena; they are the inescapable ills of conditioned existence, to overcome which the sovereign remedy was discovered by the Buddha in a moment of Supreme Illumination, 2500 years ago. But short of Nirvana, there are many intervening tiers of Reality, beyond the terrestrial, and numberless have been the yogis who attained to them. Veerabrahmam is one such great master whose supernormal consciousness unravelled the mysteries of Time. He left his findings recorded on palm leaves, collectively called ‘Kalajnana’ or knowledge of Time, for the benefit of worldlings.

Currently, astounding prophecies are being made and miracles worked by Sai Baba of Puttaparthy. In 1989, He predicted the reunification of Germany, for example. His knowledge of what is in store for the world is found to lie scattered in the hundreds of books written about Him by eminent men around the world. Millions of His followers swear that he is the Yogi, alluded to by Veerabrahmam as the one destined to rule India. They hopefully await the day when Baba at the end of a world conflagration, will bring the battered races together, give them His vibrant faith to live by, and usher in an age of unequalled peace and happiness. That golden age is expected to emerge by the turn of the century.





The Cowherd of Banaganappally
Yaganti and The River of Knowledge
Infant Prodigy
More Predictions and Miracles
Encounter with Nawab of Banaganappally
Swamy moves to Kandimallaippally
Challenge and Response
Swamy Weds
Master and Disciple
Testing Times
Sudha Answers Nawab of Cuddapah
Wanderings and Laying An Ogress
Meeting with Nawab of Cuddapah
Sidha eats Dogs
Brahmins of Pushpagiri
More Predictions
Revelation Profound
Kakkayya Story
More Instructions
Home Coming
Intimations of Immortality
An Interesting Interlude
The Great Demise
Innocent Adventure
Rude Shock
Sidha Becomes a Master
Karma and Rebirth
Vipassana Meditation as Taught by Mahatma Goenkaji