Readings From Bhagabata

Readings From Bhagabata

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Author: G N Das
Publisher: Abhinav Publications
Year: 0000
Language: English
Pages: 132
ISBN/UPC (if available): 817017337X


Bhagabata was composed by Vyasa Deva, son of sage Parasar, on the advice of the great sage Narada. Vyasa Deva compiled all the eighteen Puranas and the great epic Mahabharata. But even so he did not gain mental satisfaction from them. Sage Narada advised him to write something for the guidance of the common man, to live a stainless life on earth, to earn mental peace.

That was what brought about the great scripture Bhagabata. We know how popular Bhagabata became with the common masses in its translations in the regional languages all over India. From our own experience in Orissa we know how popular the didactic sayings of the scripture in its translation by saint-poet Jagannath Das became in the 16th century and how it has maintained its popularity all these hundreds of years.

A couple of its popular sayings will show its merit at a glance:
1) He is praiseworthy person on earth, who does well to others in his life’s path.
2) Whose heart is bereft of ire, is friend to the world entire.


What bhagabata is
Meaning of some obscure Vedic terms and expressions
Devotion and devotee
Knowledge or learning
Illusion, attachment and salvation
Deeds, desire-free and prohibitive deeds
Religion and ritualism
Gunas and their manifestation
Paramatma, jivatma and prakruti
Non-violence-the highest virtue
The human body-its proper use
Sansara mithya (the universe is all false)
Effort for salvation-mokhya sadhana
Sudarsana chakra
The eternal wheel