Some Aspects of Indian  History and Culture

Some Aspects of Indian History and Culture

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Author: Upendra Thakur
Publisher: Abhinav Publications
Year: 0000
Language: English
Pages: 338
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8170170184


The present work throws light on many intriguing aspects of the history and culture of India, which have not received comprehensive treatment at the hands of the scholars so far. They deal with political, socio-economic architecture relative to different periods of our history. Some of the chapters beyond the frontiers of India and throw altogether a new light on some of the obscure problems regarding the origin and establishment of Indian settlements in Cambodia, Siam and other countries of South- East Asia about seventeen hundred years ago.

The book for the first time tackles some of the very complicated problems of Indian history from every conceivable angle, and will serve as a guideline both for the post-graduate scholars and the advanced researchers in the field.

A thoroughly original and documented work, the account is so graphic and scintillating and the style so penetrating that at times the reader would feel that he is reading a book on literature rather than on history. A very difficult task has been accomplished with quite ease and candour and there are hardly a few books like this on Indian history, which are so interesting and absorbing.





Section I
The Ramagupta Legend
The Pusyamitras of the Bhitari Inscription
Samgramagupta of the Pancobh Copper-Plate
The decline of the imperial guptas
Some problems of huna history
King nrga of vacaspati
Harisimhadeva of mithila

Section II
After and exchange in Ancient India
Economic data from the early coins of India
Candragupta I- Kumaradevi Coin-Type
A unique silver coin of Samudragupta
The huna coinage: its impact on early Indian Indigenous Coins
Gold coins of Sivasimha

Section III
Some aspects of the Ramayana Polity
The mandala theory: a study in inter-state relations in the age of the mauryas
Candesvara and his Rajanitiratnakara
The institution of slavery in north-eastern India
Self-immolation in early-mediaeval India

Section IV
Karttikeya in literature, art and coins
A rare image of batuka Bhairava
Section V
The Kaundinya legend in South-East Asia
Elements of Hindu culture in Burma