Indological Studies

Indological Studies

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Author: Upendra Thakur
Sachindra Kumar Maity/
Publisher: Abhinav Publications
Year: 0000
Language: English
Pages: 200
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8170172209


A galaxy of renowned scholars and orientologists from India and abroad have contributed twenty-seven learned papers for this volume as a token of the high esteem in which they held the great Indologist and savant, Professor D C Sircar. These papers traverse a large variety of subjects in the different sub-fields of Indology.

While the essay by A L Basham enhances our understanding of Asoka, Romila Thapar’s paper is a useful addition to our knowledge of the Mauryan period. J S M Derrett’s piece on a quotation from the Dhammapada gives an interesting analysis. John C Huntington’s study of a section of an early portable shrine from Gandhara is fascinating.

The evidence produced by H D Sankalia after his recent excavation at Pune he pushed back Indian Civilization to the Old Stone Age. R C Gaur’s pper gives a scintillating account of Mathura-Govardhana region in its historical perspective. Arabinda Ghosh gives a bird’s eyeview of the architectural and artistic heritage of India. S K Maity who had life-long association with his teacher has painstakingly compiled an exhaustive bibliography of Professor D C Sircar’s published books, research papers and articles on epigraphy and palaeography.

Some of the other important themes covered are Sanskrit Epigraphy of Cambodia, Elements of Hindu Culture in Central Asia. Origins of Buddhism, Sakti Cult of Ancient Rajasthan, Genesis and Nature of Feudalism under the Pallavas, Linguistics in India and Archives in Ancient India. The book is a veritable boon not only for a serious student of Indology but also for a general reader wishing to know more of ancient Indian history and culture.




Some aspects of religious and literary contracts between India and Thailand
Epigraphic evidence and some indo-hellenistic contacts during the mauryan period
A quotation from the dhammapada in Jayaraksita’s Srighanacara-sangraha-Tika
A study of the rock paints of mirzapur shelter
The location of Ramagiri
Lexicographical gleanings from the Sanskrit epigraphy of Cambodia
The stone age man in and around pune (poona) or the habitation of early man in sat-chit-ananda.
Elements of Hindu culture in Central Asia
Origins of buddism: A Resurvey of Material Factors 53
Sakti cult in Ancient Rajasthan: some interesting aspects
Jonaraja and divitya Rajatarangini
Variety and unity of buddhist thought and practice
The vaisnava icons found in 24-parganas
On some interesting post-colophon statements of sanskrit manuscripts preserved in the Asiatic Society Liberary
A section of an early portable Shrine from Gandhara
A unique Kadamba sculpture with cow and calf motif
Genesis and nature of feudalism under the pallavas of Kanchi
Aspects of Socio-economic changes in Northern India between the Eighth and Eleventh Centuries
Mathura-govardhana region: an archaeological assessment in historical perspective Linguistics in India
Archives in Ancient India
The architectural and artistic heritage of India
Disposal of the dead in Ancient Bengal
Buddhism at tamralipta
Devala on Aristas
Chandragupta IV
DR S C Sircar: a tribute
Professor DC Sircar: Man and Indologist