Dynastic History of Magadha

Dynastic History of Magadha

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Author: Bindeshwari Prasad Sinha
Publisher: Abhinav Publications
Year: 275
Language: English
Pages: 287
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8170170591


Magadha in ancient times was both Athens and Rome for India. While her leading role in the Buddhist, Maurya and the Gupta ages has been treated at length by leading historians of the East and the West, in the present work the dynamic though subdued part played by Magadha from the middle of the 5th century AD to the conquest by the Turko-Afghans has been dealt in depth and detail.

The part played by the Later Guptas, the Maukharis and the Gaudas, immediately on the decline of the imperial Guptas, on the Indian chessboard is here laid out with singular clarity. Numerous cobwebs of political history of the subsequent periods have been cleared, and the paramount position of Magadha in the heyday of pala imperialism has been highlighted. The book will not only satisfy readers about the political vicissitudes of Magadha but of the whole of Northern India in the very exciting periods of India’s political history.





War of Succession after Kumara Gupta-I
Skanda Gupta
Successors of Skanda Gupta
The Later Guptas
The Maukharis in Magadha
The Gaudas in Magdha
Restoration of the Later Gupta Dynasty
The Palas in Magadha
Magadha in cir 1038-1200 AD