Candellas of Jejakabhukti

Candellas of Jejakabhukti

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Author: R K Dikshit
Publisher: Abhinav Publications
Language: English
Pages: 263
ISBN/UPC (if available): 817017046X


The age of the Candellas is one of the glorious epochs of Ancient Indian History. Their history has been attracting the scholars ever since the publication of Cunningham’s Reports, but barring a few papers and a chapter each in Vaidya’s History of Mediaeval Hindu India and Ray’s Dynastic History of Northern India, there was no comprehensive work on the subject when I assigned the topic to Dr. Dikshit for his doctorate thesis (degree awarded in 1950). There has been considerable delay in the publication of the thesis, but it has enabled the author to revise and elaborate it in the light of subsequent discoveries.

The present book gives an authentic account of the history of the Candellas, and is well documented. It is based on a critical appreciation of the available sources, literary as well as archaeological, and personal exploration leading to the discovery of certain inscriptions that had not been noticed earlier. The author has utilized Rupakasatakam, an important work of Candella times, for the first time-a work that has not been noticed by other writers on the subject.

Dr Dikshit is objective in his approach, uninfluenced by historical bias or dogmatism. On certain crucial points, where he has ventured to differ from other scholars, he has set forth his views with clarity-based on sound arguments. This work is a valuable contribution to the history of the Candellas, and I am sure, it will prove useful to all those who are interested in its study.





The Candellas: Origin, Genealogy, Chronology and Status

Foundation of Candella Kingdom and Its Early History

Expansion of Candella Kingdom

At the Zenith of Power

The Candellas and the Yaminis

Struggle for Survival

Resurgence of Power

Glorious Age of Madanavarman

The Last Great Ruler

Eclipse of Power

Genealogical Table