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Author: Chudamani Raghvan
Publisher: Macmillan
Year: 1996
Language: English
Pages: 70
ISBN/UPC (if available): SBN 033392 31


The story of a girl who loved the night. Intensely aware of a communion between herself and the universe, the lovely dark-skinned Yamini is fascinated by the night sky. Cherishing her solitude she seems to need nobody. Her down-to-earth mother is repelled by Yamini's meditative bent of mind and tries to make ' normal woman of her with disastrous results.

The author has been writing short stories for forty years. This is her only novella. She is a major low-profile writer who has never been possessed by ideologies or fashions, either linguistic or political. Her use of the Tamil language is unselfconscious and her narrative lyrical and uncluttered.

This novella has been translated by Vasantha Surya, herself a journalist, literary critic and translator.