The Foundation Of Civilization - Ideas and Ideals

The Foundation Of Civilization - Ideas and Ideals

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Author: S Radhakrishnan
Publisher: Vision/Orient paperbacks
Year: 1990
Language: English
Pages: 128
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8122200524


Ideas are more potent than facts, even though the ideas may be illusions. Every great achievement is a vision in the soul before it becomes a fact of history. Ideas control the world. They triumph over the blind forces.

IF we contemplate the stupendous movement across the pages of history, we witness the power of ideas. From Plato to Gandhi, Cicero to Lincoln, great ideas have been impressing the minds and conscience of the people, setting afire their imagination, motivating them to rise to new heights, to seek newer means of endeavor, to tread new paths towards reconstruction, greatness and accomplishment.


Our minds build cathedrals before the workmen have moved a stone; and our minds destroy them before the elements have worn down their arches.
-Prof Alfred N Whitehead

Radhakrishnan belongs to that rare class of scholars who command equal respect and readership in the East and the West.
-Times of India



New Ideas and Ideals

Knowledge for Salvation

Synthesis of Old ad New

Essence of Indian Culture

The Spirit of Youth

Uplift of Humanity

Art of Living together

Nature of Growing Secularism

Our Democratic Ethos

The Spirit of Holiness

A Commonwealth of Freedom

Keepers of Scientific Conscience

The Test of Civilised Life