Ghalib and Iqbal

Ghalib and Iqbal

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Author: Ish Kumar
Publisher: Panjab University
Year: 1988
Language: English
Pages: 124
ISBN/UPC (if available): N/A


The book is not merely a comparison or contrast between the two great poets of the sub-continent-Ghalib and Iqbal. Rather, it places them besides their English counterparts and judges them more by occidental than oriental standards. The two are in some respects different and the difference has been illustrated well in the study. The book is not exhaustive; it deals with those aspects of the two poets which could stand comparison.

The book has no pretensions to any deep research or discovery of new theories; it represents the author’s personal reaction to their poetry. He has, of course, brought his knowledge of western literary criticism to bear on the appreciation of the two poets, which is new thing in Urdu.

He has also gone into details with regard to the problem of poetry and belief which is very relevant in the case of Iqbal who held strong political and religious views which he gave vent to even in his poetry. Altogether, it is a new study of poetical problems which may be of immense use to literary critics in their respective fields, apart from their interest in Ghalib and Iqbal.





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