The Road to Raisina - A Novel

The Road to Raisina - A Novel

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Author: K P Singh
Publisher: HarperCollins
Year: 2005
Language: English
Pages: 348
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8172236220


Set in the heart of Lutyens’ Delhi, where power-crazed politicians, media personalities, businessmen and bureaucrats connive and conspire-occasionally getting ensnared in their own webs of scandal and sleaze-The Road to Raisina is an astute and taut political novel, in which the fast-paced action is never out of the realm of possibility.

Best friends Azim Khan and Karan Nehru never considered politics a career choice, but then fate decreed otherwise, Forced by circumstances to rethink their professions, the two friends find themselves willy-nilly contesting he elections. Slowly but surely, Azim makes western Uttar Pradesh his electoral fiefdom and begins his journey to becoming the leader of Muslim India; Karan establishes himself as the overlord of eastern Uttar Pradesh and the adjoining states.

Together they make their way to the top, never compromising their friendship, until, finally, as cabinet ministers in a shaky coalition government under the prime ministership of the wily former Congressman Y K Naidu, their widely differing ideologies and temperaments, abetted by the malevolence of their colleagues, and the sheer scale of unfolding events, all combine to uphold the conventional wisdom that there are no friends in politics.