Signal Red - A Novel

Signal Red - A Novel

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Author: Rimi B Chatterjee
Publisher: Penguin
Year: 2005
Language: English
Pages: 283
ISBN/UPC (if available): 0143032623


Be careful never to cross the line. Once you've rocked the boat, that’s it. You’re finished.

Gopal Chandran thinks he can trust his employers. After all, they need him: he is a valuable scientist in a semi-secret defence lab, one of the few to be entrusted with the high-level research into the composition of Signal Red, a type of glass found only in a remote village in Rajasthan.

All’s well for Gopal and his wife Vidura on their sleepy campus till an old friend, Anuprabha, visits them and starts asking awkward questions. Afraid that she will stir up trouble, Gopal forces her to leave the campus. But the questions, he finds, won’t go away: What are the nano-powders produced in the labs actually being used for? And how far are his superiors willing to go to test the success of their inventions?

Desperate to find answers that will also help him justify the ethics of the work he has devoted himself to, Gopal stumbles upon some incriminating documents and is soon sucked into a terrifying labyrinth of deceit and corruption. Now Gopal Chandran is on the run, but there’s nowhere left to run to.