Eisenstein On Disney  -  A Classic Book

Eisenstein On Disney - A Classic Book

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Author: Jay Leyda
Alan Upchurch/Naum Kleiman
Translator(s): Alan Upchurch
Publisher: Seagull Books
Year: 1986
Language: English
Pages: 101
ISBN/UPC (if available): 0930621387


For Eisenstein, the epos of Disney is Paradise Regained. Created only by a drawing. There he discovers the theme of his own drawings: the coming into being of the human form from plasma. Mickey Mouse has this plasmation par excellence.

In preparing the materials of the article for publication, we have not tried to give them the appearance of a fully completed text. On the contrary, we have preserved their fragmentariness, emphasized by indications of the dates of writing, and the multilingualism, characteristic of Eisenstein’s first draft manuscripts.

The article’s original manuscripts are preserved in the Central State Archive of literature and Art of the USSR (TSGALI). In the commentary, books with marginal notes by the director have been used from the library of the s M Eisenstein Scientific-Memorial Cabinet under the Association of filmmakers of the USS.