Political Economy of Federalism in India

Political Economy of Federalism in India

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Author: M Govinda Rao
Nirvikar Singh/
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Year: 2005
Language: English
Pages: 422
ISBN/UPC (if available): 0195670175


The failure of the centralized state, both in economic and political governance, has swung the pendulum in favour of decentralized systems across the globe in recent years. Making a successful transition to decentralized governance, however, is a formidable challenge.

Indian federalism is at a crossroad. On one hand, the legacy of colonialism, partition, and the vision of nation-building have contrived to create a centralized federation. On the other, the ongoing transition to a free market has brought contradictions of centralized federal arrangements to the fore.

The book deals with the systems, institutions, and outcomes from the interplay of political and economic forces in Indian federalism. It attempts to broaden the conceptual framework for analysing Indian federalism by exploring political elements and institutions and their strategic interaction with fiscal variables.

It further emphasizes the emergence of coalition governments at the Centre, and the increasing importance of regional parties which have brought out the contradictions in the efficient governance of the federation.

This synthesized framework, incorporating economic perspectives on political institutions, more comprehensively than ever attempted before, will be immensely valuable for policymakers, foreign lending agencies, technocrats, journalists, and NGOs. Students of Indian political economy as well as general readers will also find it useful.




Political Economy of Federalism: Challenges of Reforming Policies and Institutions
Political and Economic Theories of Federalism
A Historical Review of Indian Federalism
Bargaining, control, and Commitment
Dimensions of Federal Governance


Assignment of taxes and Expenditures
Fiscal Overlapping, Concurrency, and Competition
Intergovernmental Transfers: Rationale and Design
Explicit and Implicit Intergovernmental Transfers
Natural Resources


The Political Economy of Centre-state Transfers
Regional Dimensions of Economic Growth
Issues in Local Government Reform
Policy and Institutional Dimensions of Reform
Indian Federalism in a Global Environment