Son of the Soil

Son of the Soil

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Author: Nazrul Islam
Publisher: Viva Books
Year: 2005
Language: English
Pages: 769
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8130930971


This is a significant, well-written and revised edition of the bestselling Bangla novel Bhumiputra. The translation has come at an appropriate juncture in the life of the Indian Muslim. This is admirable due to the many aspects of historic anti-Islam feelings prevalent within some areas of our public life. This exceptional book covers anguish, hurt and pain of an average Muslim in its many forms and more importantly reflects and gives us hope.

A must read if you want to understand the feelings of a pure Muslim, his ideals and dreams. Kamal the protagonist of this book is hurt by the anti-Islam uttering of Bankim in the Anandamatha; he is also not in agreement with many of the dictums of Islam. This inner fighting of Kamal gets vivid expressions in this novel.

A vast majority of well educated people amongst us are ignorant of what has happened to the Muslims in independent India. The populist element in our culture has stuck to a very clichéd image of Islam. By comparison, the Muslims themselves are largely and intensely conscious of their painful history.


It should be read as the Mahabharata of the self-realization of the Muslim mind.
-India Today (Hindi) on the Hindi translation of this book



Where is India? How far is it?
Follower of a faith
Khade Dajjwal and Imam Mehedi
Beating the grave
Oneness with the world
Difference in economic condition
Difference in economic condition
Difference in religion
Who will use whom?
The day with a difference
Eating the forbidden fruit
Feeling of foreigner in one’s own land
At the crossroad of logic
First touch of feeling of love
Manu Samhita
In search of a sense of security
The first meeting
Tragic decline
A life full of feeling
In front of a century
In the orbit of politics
At the gate f Heaven
The Question f the existence of Allah
Revealing messages
Between heaven and hell
The debacle
The devastation
On the edge of a razor
In search of a Solution
In the fold of the ultra left
High ambition and low ability
Flash of a lightning
Round peg in a square hole
Identity crisis
At the time of need
IF winter comes can spring be far behind?
Before the Interview Board
From Cowboy to commissioner
Pinching at Police academy
In heaven open earth
A soft touch
Meeting the Mars
Rosy leaves and greener flower
The rape of democracy
Routine transfer
Farewell to first posting
Her first visit to Salgna
Holi in Delhi Camp
Bankapur Camp Office
First commitment
Second visit
Love Letter
Difference of opinion
First Confrontation
Curse of not being so foolish
Commitment for ever
Bickering at Bamnabad
Question of Principle
How a man becomes god
Hectic day
For each other
First flying together
A fish out of water
In a hostile land
Difficult terrain
Routine transfer again
Change in transit
Understanding the work
Bursting the racket
Rainy day
Sudden shock
The fake executive
Career relationship
First trip abroad
Picnic at Pattaya
Relationship untenable
The games people play
Fair Farewell
Closed Door
Alone at the Shillong Valley
Roaring forty
Defiled Bed
Busy in Bangaldesh
Penny wise pound foolish
Heartless human
Demolition of secularism
Feeling bad
First compromise
Odd man in
Separation again
Supporter of Pakistan
Call from overseas
ISI agent
Sadhubaba with Certificate
Coming of Rina
Mild Waves
Belated Meet
Visit of Mina
Ananda Award
Flip flop over permission
The award giving ceremony
Positional disadvantage
Demise of dad
American nights
Judgement to stall justice itself
Unique Reaction
Dram comes true
Committed soul
Riding roughshod
Deadly deal
Lonely soul
Long awaited moment
The changed face
Some people may say anything
Long day
Barren life
Pursuit of pain
Bolt from the blue
Indecent Proposal
Last visit to Basantapur
Utter Humiliation
Touch of Past
College to the village
Last meet
Tried soul
No retake in life
A woman can make or break a man
You can never make a second first impression
Harsher World
War Within
Demise of mum
Feeling for
Sweet Note
Hungry Heart
White Fairy
An interview not given
Conversation not taken place
Feeling alienated
Instead of retirement
Full Bloom
Known person unknown face
Season return, life doesn’t
In newer eyes
A local ascetic does attract alms
Limited achievement
Wretched man
Call of the fakir
Anxious soul
Last voyage