Without a Second - Fundamentals of Vedanta

Without a Second - Fundamentals of Vedanta

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Author: Sheela Balaji
Publisher: East West Books
Year: 2005
Language: English
Pages: 236
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8188661309


Without a Second Focuses on the needs of most Vedanta initiates. It will help in clearing some of the doubts and commonly held misconceptions. However, an attempt to study Vedanta independently, without a master, often results in misunderstanding the texts, the words and the context. The consequent confusion and frustration may compel the student to abandon the pursuit altogether. After reading without reading Without a Second, the reader will be sufficiently inspired to seek a teacher who can help and guide him/her on the path of self-inquiry.


This book will be found very revealing-rewarding, The author has identified herself with a seeker and raised all those questions which remain unanswered generally and answered them in detail with clarity in elegant free prose. It is a book that will clear the fog of doubt and vagueness-it is a book of blessing, page after page.
-Swami Dayananda Saraswati





Limitless Existence consciousness
Real (Satyam) and Dependent-real (Mithya)
Subjective Perception
Orders of reality
Self Conscious Being, the Knower
Individual I and Universal consciousness
The need for Sacred Texts
The Sacred Texts are Valid means of Knowledge
Beyond the Senses and the Mind
Many Texts and Interpretations
The Sacred Texts are Dependent-reals
Sentient and Insentient
Origin of Ignorance
Cause and Effect
Creator and Creation
Is Creation an Action
The World after Knowledge
Projection and Superimposition
Reality of Superimposition
The Cause of Projection
Maya’s Veiling Power
Maya’s Ontological Status
Maya and the Limitless One-The Connection
Maya and the Individual Mind
Individual Understanding
Many Minds but One consciousness
Helpless Individual
The Importance of a Master
Are the sacred Texts Second Hand Knowledge
Can the Self be known
Is without a Second a Tautology
Fate and suffering
The Limitless One and God
Compassionate God in Heaven
The One without Attributes
IS Creation a part of God
Is God affected by the Creation
The Problem of Nothing-ness
Mystic Experience and Knowledge
The Role of Forms and Rituals
The ideal Seeker of Truth
What does Death mean for the Wise
For those who do not Know
The Wonder that is Without a Second