Sukhmani Saheb -  (2 Vol MUSIC CD)

Sukhmani Saheb - (2 Vol MUSIC CD)

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Author: Bhai Tarlochan Singh Ragi
Publisher: RPG/Saregama
Year: 2006-03-01
Language: Punjabi
Pages: N/A
ISBN/UPC (if available): CDNF 140018-19


This Music CD has following tracks:

1. Sukhmani Sukhamrit Prabh Naam (Vol I)

2. Sukhmani Sukhamrit Prabh Naam (Vol II)

Love thy God. Meditate upon His sweet name and thou shall attain true peace of mind.

The song of Peace-is considered by the Sikh theologists to be an enunciation of the philosophy propounded in the Adi Granth, the sacred book of the Sikhs.


The Song of Peace-is a long poem containing 24 Ashtapadis. Each Ashtopadi consists of eight Padas and each Pada (or Pauri) has ten lines. To every Ashtopadi is appended a sloka. The Ashtapadi is composed in the verse-metre Chaupayee and the Sloka in the verse-metre Doha.

The Composition is meant to be sung in the raga Gauri which is an evening raga but in actual practice devotees recite it at any time during the day, for it is ardently believed that Sukhmani eases the tension of the mind and helps one to attain spiritual peace.