Read Me A Story - Illustrated

Read Me A Story - Illustrated

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Author: Kyoko Matsuoka
Publisher: National Book Trust
Year: 2004
Language: English
Pages: 157
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8123743122


This is a collection of simple stories to be read aloud for young children, published under the Asian/Pacific Copublication Pro-gramme (ACP), with the joint efforts of Unesco Member States in Asia and the Pacific, and in cooperation with Unesco. These stories and illustrations have been contributed by 20 countries in the region and selected by Regional Editorial Committee for ACP in consultation with Unesco Member States in Asia and the Pacific. This book is the 22nd publication of ACP. All the ACP books have been translated into many languages and read by children all over the world.

Special acknowledgments are due to Kyoko Matsuoka and to T M Hoffman, who adapted the texts prepared by the participating countries, for their cooperation in additional work, and to Hanmo Sugiura for his designing work.


The Magic Mango-Papua New Guinea
Matsya, The Beautiful Fish-India
The Magic Drum-Japan
The Uninvited Guests-Iran
Gyanu and the Lamb-Nepal
The Orphaned White camel-Mongolia
The Rainbow Serpent-Australia
The Pleasant and the Tiger-Vietnam
Why Does Hyla Croak on every Rainy Day?-Republic of Korea
The Ungrateful Dog-Laos
Miss Parrot Shwe Gae-Myanmar
The Cake That Grew-New Zealand
Little Tortoise Looking for a Job-china
Cow Stars-Laos
Topsy-Turvy Rabbit-Japan
Young Chickens and The Fox-Vietnam
Lazy Bears Buy Watermelons-China
The City Mouse and The Barrio Mouse-Philippines
The Lion and the Goat-Pakistan
The Stubborn Little fish-Malaysia
Two Brothers Kill the Giant-Indonesia
A Money Eating Fruits-China
Yaganduran and His Pink Horse-Mongolia
The Fleas-new Zealand
Asoka The Pony-Sri Lanka
Father’s Treasure-Thailand
The Bunyip of Berkeley’s Creek-Australia
The Grandmother and the Tiger-Republic of Korea
Tuntuna and Tuntuni-Bangladesh
I Must Feed My Mother-India
How the cuscus Lost Its Ears-Papua New Guinea
Old Man and Old Woman -Iran