Treasures of the Heras Institute

Treasures of the Heras Institute

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Author: Kalpana Desai
Publisher: Abhinav Publications
Year: N/A
Language: English
Pages: 35
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8170170435


This beautiful collection of antiquities collected by a renowned scholar-Fr Henry Heras, was known only to a few scholars till today. For the first time now it is being placed before all after systematically classifying it and setting it up in a small museum at the Heras Institute.

The Catalogue includes some very interesting pieces of both Mesopotamian and Indian antiquities. Fr. Heras’ visits to Mesopotamia for a comparative study ;of the two cultures, enabled him to bring from there many cylindrical seals and terracottas of great antiquity, some of which are illustrated here.

One of the attractive and elaborate sections is that of the Gandhara sculptures incorporating representations of the scenes like Amrapali donating the Amravana to the Buddha, beautiful dancers and musicians etc. Besides many other sculptures metal images from Gujarat, Rajasthan and South India and the Christian works of art in ivory and wood, form a fairly representative collection of Indian images. The book illustrates 122 choice pieces interesting both for the lovers of art and students of Indology.






Mescopotamian Antiquities

Indian Antiquities