Rhythm Incarnate:  Tribute to Shanti Bardhan

Rhythm Incarnate: Tribute to Shanti Bardhan

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Author: Gul Bardhan
Publisher: Abhinav Publications
Year: 1992
Language: English
Pages: 200
ISBN/UPC (if available): 817017290X


In contemporary India classical dance became extinct, except in South India, where Bharat Natyam was still performed in the temples by Deva Dasis, and in Eastern India, specially in Orissa and Manipur, where Odissi, Chou and Manipuri were in active practice.

Shanti Bardhan, younger colleague of Udai Shankar, initiated synthesis of gesture language of the ancient classical style with the rhythm of folk dances and free movements of Kurt Joos, in a new style in which he composed India Immortal dance and drama.

After the success of this free style ballet, he brought together a troupe of young female and male students and choreographed dance dramas based on Panchatantra and other stories.

These dance dramas moved the initiated and the native among on lookers in various parts of India to appreciation of dance itself.


Foreword - Kapila Vatsyayan
Preface - Gul Bardhan
Remembering Shanti Bardhan - Gul Bardhan
In Memoriam: Shanti Bardhan - Mulk Raj Anand
Shanti-Da Byomkesh Bannerji
Creator of Little Ballet Troupe A K Bannerji
Shanti Babu - Rama Bardhan
Creator of Forms and Images Kamaladevi Chattopadhyaya
Shanti Kaka - Ashok Ganguli
A Homage - Thankur Godiwala
A Unique Personality - Sushil Das Gupta Homage to Shanti-Da - Sunil Kothari
Shanti-Da, My Mentor Rekha Jain
Shanti-Da As I Knew Him A P Appunni Kartha
The Visual Poet Jiwan Pani
A Tribute Mahasveta Devi
A Letter from Shambhu Mitra
My Memories of Shanti-Da - Parvati Kumar
Creative Genius - Sachin Shanker
Discovery of India Damu Jhaveri
Remembering Shanti-Da Tosh Sahni
Inspiration of Ballet - B S Sathe
On Shanti Bardhan - S R Hemmad
A Homage to my Guru Saraswathi Swaminathan
The Story of a Thwarted Rebel - Vinayak Purohit
On Shanti Bardhan - Homi Sethna
Shanti-Da - K S Shridharani
The Legacy of Shanti Bardhan - Unknown Friend
Ingenuity of Shanti Bardhan - Rukmini Devi
Impression of A Folk Dance Festival - Shanti Bardhan
Few Incidents of Shanti Bardhan’s Childhood - Gul Bardhan