Ramayanam as Told By Valmiki & Kamban

Ramayanam as Told By Valmiki & Kamban

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Author: K R Srinivasan
Publisher: Abhinav Publications
Year: 1994
Language: English
Pages: 302
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8170173078


The story of Rama and Sita has a unique status in the literature of almost every language of Asia, thanks to its extolment of a value-based life as superior to one that prizes power or pelf; it belongs to the world.

This book offers a critical and comparative study of the earliest Valmiki's classic in Sanskrit, known as adi-kavya, and the first version in the Tamil language, which arose ten centuries later. The author, Mr. K.S. Srinivasan, is a recognised scholar in the field.


The Birth of Poesy
Sita’s Wedding
Rama to be Crowned
Counsel of the Crooked Maid
The Great Day
Towards Chitrakuta
The Lifeless City
Who Will Take the Throne?
Chitrakuta and Beyond
On to Panchavati
The Golden Deer
One More Deceit
The Man Forlorn
A New Bondage
The Death of an Abductor
Waiting for Better Days
In Search of Sita
Hanuman’s Journey to Lanka
Sita in Captivity
Message of Hope
Restoration of Faith
Hanuman Shows His Mettle
Back to Kiskinda with Joy
Towards the Great War
Ravana’s Strategies
The Siege of Lanka
The First Great Encounter
Ravana in Desperation
Indrajit, the Invisible Fighter
The Final Battle
The Triumph of Sita
The Return to Ayodhya
The Coronation (Uttara Kandam)
Who Was Ravana?
The Banishment of Sita
Sita’s Return to Mother Earth