History of Indian Theatre: Panorama of Indian Folk Theatre

History of Indian Theatre: Panorama of Indian Folk Theatre

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Author: M L Varadpande
Publisher: Abhinav Publications
Year: 1991
Language: English
Pages: 330
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8170172780


This volume of the History of Indian Theatre presents most enchanting and colourful panorama of folk and traditional theatre flourishing in India since time immemorial. Utilising various sources the author meticulously and systematically builds up the theatre history, which spans over several centuries.

It is for the first time an elaborate account of dramatic rituals associated with the Bhuta or the Cult of Spirits is given here. This will enable the students of theatre understand and relationship of ritual and dramatic performance in its correct perspective. Various ritualistic theatre forms such as Teyyam are described and discussed.

The book also tells us how the teachnique of ballad singing was dramatized and finally evolved into full-fledged drama in the course of time. The history of narrative forms is traced from the Vedic times to the present. With the emergence of Bhakti cult the spics were dramatized. This gave rise to the Leela Theatre which dedicated itself to portraying the divine acts of incarnations such as Krishna and Rama. Various forms of Leela Theatre are described in the book.

Audiences turn to theatre for entertainment. A class of folk theatre arose in India whose main function was secular entertainment. Swang, Tamasha, Nautanki, Khyal entertained the people with dance, music and song, as well as with humour and pathos, love and war. Their enchanting story is narrated here.



Theatre of Rituals

Theatre of Narration

Theatre of Entertainment

Theatre of Krishna

Theatre of Rama

Theatre of the South