Cultural Relations in the Global Community: Problems and Prospects

Cultural Relations in the Global Community: Problems and Prospects

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Author: Verner C Bickley
Puthenparampil J Philip/
Publisher: Abhinav Publications
Year: 1994
Language: English
Pages: 255
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8170171369


Cultural Relations in the Global Community: Problems and Prospects focuses attention on emerging critical dimensions of this modern interdependent world. While interdependence impinges on all nations in the field of science and technology, economics, politics, education and research, human health, environmental well being, etc. the nature and meaning of interdependence continue to be rather unclear. It is however possible to see in recent discussions of the subject certain “new trends and perspectives” which we are capable of offering a deeper understanding of this complex and often overpowering reality.

The book identifies and examines some of the significant characteristics of interdependence, primarily from a cultural point of view. Authors of the different chapters have made an effort to take current thinking and interpretations of interdependence to a point of further analysis, clarification and appraisal. While they have brought to this task special aptitudes and interests of their own, they have done so without losing sight of the unity underlying them. They have thus been able to present an interconnected and insightful picture of the contemporary world capable of offering fresh approaches to the theory and practice of international and intercultural relations.


Preface Verner C Bickley



Introduction P J Philip

The Meaning of Interdependence

Cultural Factors and Economic Development

International Linkages and Cooperation in Education and Research

Cultural Relations and Parity of Esteem of Nations