Cultural Heritage of Ancient India

Cultural Heritage of Ancient India

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Author: S K Maity
Publisher: Abhinav Publications
Year: 1999
Language: English
Pages: 130
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8170171709


India has a long continuous history extending over five thousand years. Besides, it had a population which, with the sole exception of China, is the largest single aggregation of humanity in the whole course of world’s history. It has also had a way of life and culture, no doubt modified continuously by outside contacts, but essentially Indian, based on doctrines and ideas developed indigenously. This way of life has found noble expression in classical and modern literature, in art and architecture, which display and unbounded creative energy and which have had a lasting influence on most Asian countries, in philosophies, religions and religious systems which continue to be vital forces even in the world today, when civilization is so extensive in space and time.

Such a culture, ancient and persistent, and variously adopted in different times and classes, naturally develops complex forms of outward manifestation which baffle the superficial intellects looking for simple truths. To say that Hinduism has for centuries been the mainstay of Indian culture is hardly enough to explain its roots, since Hinduism itself is nothing short of multiverse, with a mind-boggling range of philosophical systems, religious beliefs and practices, from the highest flight of metaphysics to the simplest folk cults. And the outstanding essentials of Indian culture are the tradition of tolerance, sense of synthesis, universal outlook, respect for the individual, emphasis on the right conduct, literary and artistic heritage, social structure and the aims of life, attitude towards the woman-hood, Dama, Dana and Daya (DA, DA, DA), harmony with nature, protest movements – Buddhism, Jainism and Bhakti Movements, all are judiciously incorporated in the present monograph.

It opens with a critical survey of religion, art and culture and their impact on people and society at large. It further deals with the specific cultural facades of the Mauryas, Kushanas, Guptas, and many others to understand India and her people in historical perspective. India and her neighbours in trade and culture further add to the glory of our life and activities.



Religion, Art and Culture

Culture of the Mauryas, Kushanas and Guptas

Education and Culture

Cultural Significance of Ajanta Women

Standard of Morality and Justice in Jatakas

Coinage and Culture

India and Her Neighbours in Trade and Culture