Create Beauty From Bread  -   A Fascinating New Hobby

Create Beauty From Bread - A Fascinating New Hobby

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Author: S Dovedy
Publisher: Abhinav Publications
Year: 1998
Language: English
Pages: 63
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8170170672


A craft to teach you to make the most beautiful flowers, utility items and decorative miniature objects, using a few slices of bread and the simplest of tools.

The materials needed and the technique are very simple and only require deft hands and little practice to bring to perfection!

It is much easier to handle and more lasting than Plaster of Paris, there is no baking or glazing as with clay, no mess and it is so very cheap!

In this amazing handbook, filled with diagrams and illustrations the Author gives step by step instructions from start to finish.



Heirlooms out of bread!



Tools and Material

To Prepare Dough

To add colour

Modelling of Stems, Leaves, Calyx

Drying Flowers

Painting, Varnishing and Gilding

To clean bread dough objects

To make berries and flowers: Holly berries, Cherry Blossom & Forget-me-nots (two in one), Roses, Daisy