The Aryas - Facts Without Fancy And Fiction

The Aryas - Facts Without Fancy And Fiction

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Author: Malaji J Shendge
Publisher: Abhinav Publications
Year: 1996
Language: English
Pages: 145
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8170173183


This short monograph is just not yet another book on the controversial clan of the Aryas. It has the distinction of being an unbiased, factual statement, which has been lacking, despite the fact that it has been one of the favourite topics of the Vedic scholars and the Indo-Europeanists.

It is written with a clearcut objective of knowing the facts about the Aryas, her comments try to guide the reader as how to understand them. This book thus had a limited aim. Bare facts are documented and not stretched to suit the exigencies of a theory. The author has no theory to propound. But at the same time no external framework is accepted.

The romantic dreams woven by the earlier generations of scholars are not found in the Rgveda, the main source of information. And therefore it is possible to see to what extent it was just the play of fancy. With these facts, the author reconstructs the historical events, with supporting archaeological evidence





The Term Arya in Rgveda and Avesta
The Rgvedic Associations: The Arya Clans
Indra, the Arya Leader and Hero
The Arya Foes of the Aryas
The Object and Route of Aindra Trek
The Clan-Father of the Aindras, Manu
Life of the Aindras in Vedic Literature
The Archaeological Evidence of Aindra Migration-to the Indus Valley
The Iranian & Mesopotamian Evidence for Jhukaran Affinities
The Sumerians in the 2nd Millennium BC
The Peoples and Their Movements
The Language of the Aryas and Some New Linguistic Correspondences